Extreme Kayak World Championship 2024

The Extreme Kayaking World Championship 2024 took place in June in Voss, Norway. The qualifications took place on the crystal-clear waters of the Raundalselva river, known for its green water, breathtaking scenery and challenging rapids. Only the best kayakers in the world could qualify for the finals in the lower part of the Myrkdalselva river, where the kayakers paddled through the famous "Holy Diver", a challenging and steep pearl of class 5 whitewater.

We are proud to say that Eric "The French Rocket / Pink Helmet" Deguil won first place!


With his LIQUIDLOGIC "RMX" 86 in Shark Blue, Eric completed the course in 25,285 seconds and became world champion!

Lucas Varas also represented LIQUIDLOGIC with his "RMX" 86 in gold, finishing 11th in the quarterfinals.

We are very proud of our team paddlers and continue to be absolutely in awe of our LIQUIDLOGIC brand!

The Element 2 team

Eric "The French Rocket / Pink Helmet" Deguil
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