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Shred Ready Zeta

Thu, 18/07/2019 - 12:50 -- nick

Just arrived New for 2019, The Shred Ready Zeta Helmet combines the style and swagger of iconic sports figures with high-tech energy management foams on a user-friendly platform. The name Zeta heralds from a confluence of several dynamic elements; the infamous rapid of the Futaleufu River, the symbol for the damping ratio of a material, and the seventh letter of the Greek Alphabet…not to mention the number of legendary center-fielder, Micky Mantle. The design process for the Zeta was driven by three factors; iconic style, unparalleled protection and intuitive use

RRP £139.95
Black White Blue or Red
Small: 54-57cm, Medium: 57-60cm, Large: 60-62cm

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