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Kokatat Gore-tex Pro Whirlpool Bib Men's and Women's

Tabs Container


Made from the same fabric as our dry suits, the GORE-TEX® Whirlpool Bib comes standard with a front relief zipper (or drop seat for women) and GORE-TEX® socks.  Custom options include no relief/drop seat, no socks, leg shortening, socksize change.

Fabric - Gore-tex Pro

Waist - Outer skirt that integrates with a dry top to make a dry system.

Relief Zipper - Metal tooth, waterproof Optiseal front relief zipper for men, rear drop seat for women.

Socks - Gore-tex Pro socks.


Zippered, top loading chest pocket.
Adjustable suspenders.
Cordura seat and knee patches.
Self draining.

Colour - black.

Sizes - Men's - S-XXL, Women's S-L

With socks and relief/drop zip.