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Kokopelli Delta Adventure Touring Paddle

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The Delta Adventure Paddle (4-Piece) is our lightest paddle and with a mid to high angle, this touring paddle it is perfect for the packrafter looking to move more water while minimizing weight. Our Carbon Polymer blade and Carbon Fiber shaft materials are engineered to strike the optimal balance between weight and efficient paddling strokes. The dihedral of our blade provides smooth, powerful and balanced forward strokes. The center ferrule (joint) and shaft to paddle ferrule is a traditional stainless steel button system for an easy secure fit.

The Delta Adventure Paddle (4-Piece) is a great choice for our Lake or Adventure Series packrafts, backpackers, bikepackers, adventure travelers and those wanting minimalist paddling perfection.


5ft 6in (168cm) and shorter: 225
5ft 6in (168cm) to 6ft (180cm): 235
6ft (180cm) and taller: 215

NOTE: Or approximately 3-5cm longer than your hardshell whitewater kayak paddle.