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Malone Telos Loading Module

Tabs Container


The Telos™ temporarily attaches to the J-style carriers (DownLoader™, J-Loader™ and AutoLoader™) and provides a safe way to vertically raise the kayak from waist height into a position where it can easily be loaded into the carrier.

You can detach the Telos™ and use it on the other side to load your second kayak into another J-style carrier or store it in the trunk for unloading later.

There is simply no other load assist system in the market with this versatility or value.

What;s in the box?

(2) Telos masts
(2) Telos Loading Dock Hooks
(2) Suction Cup Bearing Blocks
(2) Ratchet Arm Boat Supports
(1) 3/8 Allen Wrench
(1) 1/8 Allen Wrench
(1) Instruction Manual

Self-locking vertical ratchet for ensured safety
Fully padded steel cradles help protect the kayak
Quick release detachment system to load a second kayak
Sized to conveniently store in the boot
Lifetime Warranty

Weight: 7.3kg
Length: 46"
Width: 6"
Height: 12"
Load Capacity: 34kg