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Playboater Shock Deck

Tabs Container


Our entry level neoprene deck features an additional knee-off strap for the intermediate paddler. The Shock Deck shares the Tuff-Tek neoprene of the Work Deck for durability and has PU Edge Reinforcement.  

Three deck sizes and four waist sizes make this an excellent deck and the perfect choice for most paddlers.


WAIST SIZES Unisex: - S (26-30" 60-70cm), M (30-34" 70-80cm), L (34-36" 80-90cm), XL (36-40" 90-100cm)

Keyhole: (K 70-85cm cockpits)

Bigdeck: (B 80-95 cockpits)

SuperBigdeck: (SU 90-105cm cockpits with extra Latex coating on inside RRP £89.99) (LL Remix XP10, Dagger Approach, Jackson Mega Rocker, Super Fun and Super Hero. ShockWave)