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Scotty 835 and 838 Sea Lights

Tabs Container


The Scotty 835 LED Sea-Light is a versatile LED light that comes with a suction mount for use in both fresh and salt water. The handy light is designed for the demands of the sea but is also ideal for vehicles or camping where an efficient light is required. The Scotty 835 is a fully waterproof light and has an easy on/off twist activation.

The Scotty 838 LED Sea-Light features a Scotty Ball System joint design which enables a smooth and complete full range of motion for the Sea-Light.
The corrosion proof construction of this system provides a long service life in both fresh and salt water applications as it is designed with stainless steel fasteners and a stainless pole


Includes ACR detachable, fully sealed LED C-Light™

Includes a bright 20 Lumen White LED for location assistance during emergencies

Easy twist ON/OFF activation that is waterproof tested

Impact resistant construction and is USCG/SOLAS Approved

C-Light™ is easily removed and can be attached to life jackets, backpacks or hang from a pocket

C-Light™ requires two “AA” 1.5V batteries (batteries not included)

C-Light™ has an extensive and continuous operating life for over 30 hours

835 - Non-permanent safety addition to kayaks/small watercraft. Includes versatile suction cup. Includes ACR detachable, fully sealed LED C-Light.
20 Lumen White LED. Easy twist on/off activation. Easily removed and can be attached to jackets or backpacks

838 - Base Mount Dimensions: 2 1/4" x 2 1/4". Overall Height: Stands 41" tall. Sea-Light Pole Diameter: 1/2”