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Werner Player

Tabs Container


The Player offers serious play boating features similar to the Side Kick except with slightly smaller, less demanding blades. Athletes as well as a wide range of playboaters have fun with this blade. Easy to use, the Player will turn your favorite stretch of river into your newest play spot.


191,194,197cm RH45 and RH30.
194, 197cm LH45.
Bent Shaft available in 30 or 45 degree feather.
Standard diameter shaft (small diameter not available on Player - See Twist)

Colour options -
Glass Blaze
Carbon Black

Blade size (cm)CarbonGlass
Surface area690 cm²690 cm²
Weight1 piece straight - 950g1 piece straight - 978g
1 piece bent - 1021g 1 piece bent - 1049g
4 piece straight - 1148g