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WindPaddle Scout Sail

Tabs Container


Ease of Set-up
Developed to quickly and easily connect to the deck of any boat. The simple to use clips on the mounting harness make this possible. Connect to your boat or or switch between boats in seconds. If your boat has anything that can be clipped to – including deck lines, cleats, bungees, pad eyes, fairleads, thwarts, handholds on the gunwale or bench seat – you can attach your WindPaddle to it!

Ease of Use
The WindPaddle sail deploys in a matter of seconds from the on-deck location. A continuous sheet (or steering line) allows the paddler to easily control the sail while keeping their paddle in their hands for bracing and steering. We also placed a large window in the center panel of the sail for visibility.

The WindPaddle design puts the center of force of the sail down low, at about the same level as the paddler, making the boat/sail combination incredibly stable and easy-to-use.

The “Scout” sail is a good entry-level sail for those just starting to combine their love of being on the water with the wind. Don’t let the wind keep you off the water, make it a reason to get out on the water! WIth a big clear window and enough sail area to pull you along, the Scout is a great way to start sailing your kayak or small canoe.

Larger window
Stiffer batten
Lightest weight WindPaddle sail
Most affordable sail
Designed for winds in the 4-18 knot range

Sail area: 1.42 m2.
Weight: 396 g.
Colours: Blue/White, Red/White or Yellow/White