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James Bebbington

On the GB kayak team since 2004 and the 2011 World Kayak Champion, James is currently ranked 6th in the world.

He's a film camerman when he's not kayaking.  James says;

"Using the skills I gained as a kayaker I’ve operated in all manner of hazardous and hard to reach environments to get engaging coverage and unique shots. This was best used on the recent Bhutan episode of Steve Backshall’s Expedition series which I worked on as the kayaking cameraman.
I'm just as at home being part of a large crew lighting and shooting a studio based TV ad as I am working solo kayaking backwards down an un-run river filming a piece to camera whilst navigating grade 5 rapids.
What drove me to enjoy working in such opposite ends of the filming spectrum is what led to my success in kayaking. I LOVE learning to technically and creatively figure out how to do things and innovate solutions."