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Michele Ramazza

I started kayaking when I was 10 years old. I learned a lot about this sport training for junior slalom world championship. I began to understand what 'working hard for a dream' means and how incredible can be when you get closer to it. At 18 years old I decided to study Physics at university and I had to stop slalom racing. However, inside myself, I had always felt the needing of adrenaline and challenges. To feed this hunger I began to live the river in a different and wonderful way: with my creek kayak. I started to travel around the world running all sort of rivers surrounded by all kinds of landscapes. Since I was 18 I used all the time left to earn some money to live experiences in some rivers lost in the middle of nowhere. I've paddled in Africa, South and North America, all Europe and I still feel there are so many places I'd like to discover... I still feel like a child who want to discover the world.